many things we do not understand

Many things happen in life that we find hard to understand.
Life is like a big puzzle.

So often we ask...
If God is love, why is the world such a place of tragedy?
If God so loved the world, why does He allow all the suffering and torture and pain and sorrow and grief and death?
Why would a loving God allow wars and famines and disasters to cause so much anguish?
Why would a loving God send people to hell to suffer forever?
Why would a loving God devise a plan that has many

people going to hell for all eternity?
What kind of love is it that is sovereign, and yet sends poor, suffering people to an eternal flame?
How are we to understand that kind of love?

Many things we don’t understand,
but we need not have to be angry.
‘cos there’s a bigger picture we can’t see.
Many things that happened in our lives are like puzzles,
hard to understand..too many whys and hows,
no one can answer..those memories,dark secrets,turmoils and one would understand..but they all happen
for a reason, a themselves, the puzzles have no
meaning, no picture. Don’t hurry time in order to understand,
but wait upon the Creator to fix them all.
Don’t resent Him,but give Him a chance to be real,
to work things out.

"Put your trust in Him and He shall take care of the rest

Have faith of a mustard seed and you shall see your mountain be removed

Seek God’s kingdom, obey His commandments and do things in His will

All things shall be added unto you through faith

Jesus Christ alone can help you because He understands and knows you

He is the creator, the beginning and the end

Keep up your believe in God, don’t let Satan tell you otherwise

Read the word of God and let it be printed on your heart

That His favor and glory shall be upon you wherever you go

Seek His face and dwell in His presence

Pray with your child and together give God all the glory and sing praises

Thank God each day for your breath that He had given you

May His mercy and grace be new upon you every morning.”
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