quest for living

quest for living

quest for living

 By joshua chin hong lim photo

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Stand firm on your beliefs. Discern right from wrong, based on the Lord's wisdom. do not go astray, but go back to your Creator. do right n don't go against your conscience. Hear the still,small voice in u Know it's there


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Our hearts are empty when we do not place God first in our lives. Therefore seek His face n know His heart's desires. "You shall serve no other gods beside Me."

eat pray love

Elizabeth Gilbert, at the age of 40, after a painful divorce, is now all alone. One of the most traumatic, emotionally-stressed experiences in life is divorce. It means a painful, life-changing, irreversible n permanent change in life-style n thinking from then on, either for good or bad. All your past dreams are shattered. You have to start anew.


Where does her future lie? She wanted to forget n leave everything behind.She was willing to spend a year traveling with time to think things over n discover new things. She said."I used to have this appetite of a quest for life, and now it is just gone."


First thing is to pamper yourself by eating to forget. What better place than Italy. Here she adopted the Italian mantra of "the sweetness of doing nothing" ...the beauty of doing nothing, living in the moment, which temporarily helps one to get over past hurts n to settle in. But it does not last. After eating too much, the taste dulls. After doing nothing for too long, life gets meaningless.

Eating alone does not satisfy. Doing nothing alone also does not fulfill. She has to seek spirituality. India is the home of yoga n meditation. Maybe she can find inner peace there.There she may find a new quest for life, a new purpose for living. She stays in an ashram in India....trying to purify her mind n heart but to no avail. A fellow ashram resident was a man from Texas, who had lost a lot of things of his own making n who was trying to make peace with his life.This Richard from Texas clashes with Liz. He mocks her n call her "groceries". Both are lost and in the same situation, trying to reexamine themselves, to face their fears, to seek peace n try to grow..
But it is a tiring thing to sit all day n meditate. She needs love. Only true love can make her happy.

She heard of the small island of Bali in Indonesia. Many tourists come here to relax n seek love n nature. Here she came into contact with a traditional healer n a fortune-teller.

Natural healing says, " Our bodies are made of the 5 elements of, wind, fire, water and space. When the 5 elements in our body are in balance, then so too are our bodies. Otherwise we will experience different types of conditions. Exercising daily, eating locally grown foods as much as possible, and thinking positive thoughts also contribute towards good skin."

Sounds good, especially positive thinking n healthy foods n daily exercise.
But believing that our bodies are controlled by 5 elements are totally wrong. "From dust we are made n to dust we shall return." Without lust, there is no corruption. Without sin, there is no death or disease.

Also here she met her Brazilian lover. Jose Nunes already had grown-up children.He owns a factory in Brazil. He suffered a broken heart once. She has come a long way since she was a 15 year old girl getting in n out of relationship. 

Murphy, the director and still unmarried, said, " Never too late to reinvent yourself, to try to be happy. If you are in a bad relationship, try and get out of it, and if you do not like where you are living, try to change it."

"Only true love can fulfill.
Her real journey should have been a journey to seek God, to know God.
Only the truth can give her true freedom n fulfillment n happiness.
Only God can give her the strength to live n be happy.
Only His ways can truly satisfy.
"Drink from the well that never runs dry." The Samaritan woman found the living water.
"whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life." (John 4:14)  : by joshuachlim"

The story chronicles the author's travels to Italy (where she eats. Italians eat too much), India (where she prays at an ashram) and Bali in Indonesia (where she finds love).
The trip is financed upfront by her book deal...which means it was not really the sudden decision of a disillusioned woman to pack up and see the world.
Elizabeth Gilbert is a writer. She is a woman who has everything: a husband, a best friend, a house and a good career. Yet she finds herself unhappy and discontent with life n she had an affair with a man. As she was going through her divorce, she tried to make her relationship with the other man works but failed. Hurt n angry, she decided to travel for a year to discover herself. Her husband Steven pleads with her to take the self-discovery journey while still staying married to him, but she walked out on him. She has to hurt someone who loves her in order for her to liberate herself and find spiritual strength. It takes a lot of courage to walk out of her marriage just because she is unhappy.
Elizabeth has been in and out of relationship since she was 15, and never has the time to find herself.
She spurns the younger David for the older Brazilian.

full moon party    a quest to enjoy life

Full moon party at Koh Phangan Island in Thailand.
Lit by a beautiful full moon, this party has become renowned n revered for teenagers from Britain.
Every month, 10,000 youngsters gather here n many are British middle-class school leavers
for whom a trip to this island has become a rite of passage.
Well, that's what their parents would hope as they wave their off-spring at the airport.
What do their parents think?
Privately educated Mike Cole, 19, from Exeter, said,"They love the fact that I am seeing the world.
They don't realise what it's really like. Mum thinks I am sitting around having a glass of wine n a nice, healthy seafood dinner."
After finishing her A-Levels, Jess Bainbridge, 20, from Windsor, worked for a local council to save for a gap year.
"I came here for the party n it's brilliant. Mum did not want me to come as things can be dangerous, but
I am not worried."
By midnight, the beach is filled with thousands of revelers dancing in the sand, on wooden benches and specially erected stages. There are around 20 pubs, hotels n restaurants on the beachfront. Each place belts out loud ear-splitting dance music.
What exactly is the lure of this beach to teenagers who are, after all, meant to be Britain's brightest?
It's the full moon party, a night of free drinking and sex. And the night scene is lit by a beautiful full moon.
Bo, a bar worker, said, " People from Europe are not like us. They are out of control. They have sex on the beach and don't care who sees them. They are crazy."
Later you will see hundreds of inert bodies strewn along the shore. Behind them, many more youngsters are slumped, their heads behind their knees, vomiting into the sea. There are men urinating into the sea, and an array of naked couples bobbling up and down in the water.


full moon party


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buckets of whiskey,coke, Red Bull,

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mid-night party of drinking, dance n fun on the beach


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a wild night for teenagers

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on benches n stages n loud music

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drink n dance

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life is a journey

the prodigal son was broken at the point of almost wanting to eat what the pigs were eating.
the father gave him free will to live his life.
Our God is a specialist at engineering circumstances
so that we find ourselves with nowhere to turn but to Him.
God knows how to bring us to the point where we are totally out of our control.
to the point where we are humble enough to admit, to open up, to listen, to be teachable.
then God comes in.

Until u r true to yourself
 until u realize your weaknesses
 until acknowledge your need for God's strength, God can do nothing.
God will do His best when u do your best.
 It needs your commitment together with God's promise.
 Then u will see results that go beyond your expectation.
 God can use sickness, financial pressure, appetites, habits, children, work
or whatever it takes to get our attention
and bring us to this place of brokenness.
to learn to depend totally upon Him
to feel helpless apart from His strength
or else we will still be out there doing our things in our strength
 God in His wisdom brings us to the place of brokenness
a place where there is no way out
As long as we can still see a way out, we will not come to Him
because basically we are very stubborn n proud people.
We cannot totally surrender our wills until we are totally hopeless.
Until we give up, we are not yet ready for God to help
because we will work against Him rather than with Him.
Thank God for all the things that you have.
Be wise in decisions that you make.
God loves you and does not want you to be hurt.
He wants you to be protected, but yet He wants you to grow.
God feels hurt when you’re hurt.
He feels what you feel.
He knows you; He’s your creator.
So keep your focus on Him and stay strong.
Read His Words and grow.

finding forgiveness, beginning of new life

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forgiveness : a new journey

God is love. We must desire to be like Him, to allow Him to perfect His love in us. First to love Him, then to love our neighbors, n then for our enemies. Love is the bond of perfection.(Colossians 3:14) 

It is fulfilling of the Law of God n the the whole Word of God. (Romans 13:8-10; Galatians 5:14)

What our enemies can do to us is ultimately to bless us.

Our enemies cannot destroy us. Only we can destroy ourselves by our own bitterness n hatred.

When they persecute us, they actually add to our eternal reward in heaven.

"Blessed are they who are persecuted for righteousness's sake; for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when men revile you n persecute you, n say all manner of evil against you falsely, for My sake. Rejoice, n be exceeding glad, for great is your reward in heaven; for they also persecuted the prophets before you."

No matter what they do against you, if you love your enemies, you will have complete victory, even when your heart is pierced, for His love is perfected in you.

Father in heaven,

Your ways are higher than our ways. We submit to Your will. For U prepared a glorious future for us.

There are many things we do not understand, hard to understand.

Especially the sufferings we go through in our lives on this earth.

But You work all things out for good to those who love You.

As Jesus learned obedience by the things He suffered, n leave us an example to follow in His foorsteps.

Lord, help me to forgive as my sins are also been forgiven.

Help me to love as I have been loved.

Help me to be merciful as You have been merciful to me.

Lord, help me also to deny myself, my will, my desires. n daily take up my die to self.

to take the yoke of Jesus upon my shoulder, to be equally yoked with Christ

n learn of Jesus, our pioneer of our salvation. to have the mind n attitude of Christ.

" I can do all things through Christ..Your grace is sufficient."

And for this purpose we have been called, walking in the steps of Jesus, arming myself also with the same mind."

For "he who has suffered in the flesh has ceased from sin"

"I Count it all joy when i experience various trials" for it is testing of my faith which is precious to You.

"that i may be perfect n complete, lacking nothing."

Life n death are in Your hand. I won’t die too early or too late..

Father I commit everything intoYour hand.

In Jesus's name I pray. Amen.


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Home sweet home, there is no place like home.

Our spirit, our soul is longing for a rest.

The past needs to be put behind us,
n we can only have a bright future if we push forward.
The best reward one can ever get is eternal life
with the One we love.
Continue to have faith
n cling on to Him.

The Lord loves us n wants us to return to Him.
He had prepared places for us in heaven.
All we have to do is walk in His way,
the way to eternity.
Treasure this life on earth
for it's how we live this life
that determines our eternity.

Judgment will not come upon us
if we judge ourselves and not others.
Always look yourself in the mirror and see your weak point.
The Lord respect those who is humble and meek.
Without admitting our weaknesses, we can never improve.
The Lord is always there for those who need Him.
But do we see God in our lives?
Do we respect His presence?
You will only see His glory and faithfulness when you accept Him.
Therefore seek the truth, and know the real God."

 Our body is home to the Spirit of God.
A home is a place of rest n peace.
Even the foul spirits are roaming around, finding a place to rest, but find none.
Home sweet home, there is no place like home.

Even though we are justified by faith n we have peace with God, but still we can be filled with many other anxieties n fears.
We need the peace of God in us. We need to be ruled by peace n not be restless n fearful.
"And let the peace of God rule in your heart" (Colossians 3:15).
"Peace I leave with u, My peace I give unto u: not as the world gives. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." (John 14:27).
Jesus was sleeping in the boat, n there was a fierce storm threatenig the boat, n the disciples were very fearful.
Jesus arose from sleep n rebuked the wind n said to the sea,"Peace, be still!" And there was calm. (Mark 4:39)
"Be anxious for nothing, but w thanksgiving pray to God, n the peace of God will rule in your heart, guarding your heart n mind
from fears n anxieties." Phil 4:6
"Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for You are with me;
Your peace rule in my heart n comfort me."
"You lead me beside still waters n restore my soul." Psalm23




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rest for your soul


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rest for your soul

For many people, New Year comes with many new resolutions.

"I am going to discipline myself to do certain less, exercise more, pray more,

study more, be more humble, stop playing computer games or watch movies.

Start thinking positive. Be strong! Do not be easily discouraged."

But by the beginning of next year, nothing seems to change.

Everything seems the same, if not worse

We find that trying to be strong can be tiring. It's a hard thing to do.

What went wrong?

One thing for sure is do not believe in any karma or mind-control

or zodiac horoscope or Feng Shui or charm or Harry Potter magic

or any special prayers any deity can offer you.


Actually doing things our own way is doing the hard way


because there will be a lot of struggle n anxieties


a lot of thinking n planning, until your mind is so tired even to think anymore.


Your imaginations run wild n worry about things that will never happen


because we cannot see everything. We cannot see the future. We cannot see ahead.


Imagine you can see ahead. You will do things differently because you know the outcome.


Because you cannot see the outcome, you can do stupid things.


As long as we struggle, we are not at rest.


We get worn out...emotionally, mentally n physically


and you begin to see things with less confidence


and you begin to act more foolishly.


Why not do the easy way...not your way


If you do things your own way, you will find no rest.


In life, we struggle against many things...anger, fear, bitterness, wrong desires, bad habits,


harmful addictions, wrong thoughts,


What is the real answer?


Many people offer many answers...


Buddhism, yoga, meditation, mind control, cosmic consciousness, humanism


but I tell truthfully...they will lead you in the end the wrong way


Consider the lilies of the field n the birds in the air.


You may think you must work very hard n plan very hard in order to succeed in life.


Hard work is always good, because u reap what u sow.


Laziness can never produce success in anything.


But success does not depend on hard work alone.


"The race does not always belong to the swift


nor the battle to the strong." (proverbs)


Consider the lilies of the field. They don't have to struggle; they neither toil nor spin


yet they are provided.


Are we not much more significant than the lilies, which are here today n gone tomorrow?


It does not mean we do not face hard times.


The lilies also face the storms n the hot sun.


But like the lilies of the field, we are being provided


instead of struggling to do everything by ourselves.


We are here on this planet earth not by chance.


Everything has a purpose. Everything starts from the purpose of God.


Life is a gift from God. We must treasure this life God has given to us, protect it n live it well.


Life has a purpose.We must open our hearts to spiritual truths in His Word


We must be willing to obey truth wherever it leads us.


The mind grows by taking in; the heart grows by giving out.


We are channels of His grace. God loves a cheerful giver.


It is more blessed to give than to receive. As we give, we shall receive.


Life is not a standstill. It is not a smooth ride, but it is all part of God's perfect plan


and God will take us through life; He will always be there for you


Life is not what it seems. It's like a kite, where everything is unpredictable.


You'll never know when the wind would stop and your kite drops


but you'll never either know when the wind would be very strong to carry your kite up. Life is an ever changing process.


But one thing's for sure, you will have happiness and satisfaction


when you find the truth in life.


The true meaning of life is not about carrying out a routine


and going into the grave at the end of the day.


No! It's about living life to the maximum, where our lives affect the people around us, impact those who we meet on our way in this life.


And to do that, you would need God's glory.


To men, it is impossible to be perfect or even to live right, it's just too hard,


but with God, the One who created us,


He alone can give us true grace and mercy.


Try knowing Him more, because He is so much more


than a God sitting up here in heaven.


the road in life can be rough


yet there are green pastures in life.


the road is winding


yet we see it's a straight road ahead


the world is ugly


yet we can find beauty in this world.


but in God we find only goodness


grace n mercy


in Him, there's no confusion or doubt.


All is perfect with God.


God is a perfectionist


He is the beginning n the end.


Every single detail on this planet earth


how everything is linked


even through science n technology


how the histories of the world are what they are


how people had interacted as they did


how the various cultures had evolved


how the various beliefs of men differ so much


how each n everyone of us are so different n unique....


all these do not happen randomly


all these God knew beforehand


all these God had taken into consideration


n He had planed all of it.


sometimes life gets tough and we ask 'why are we born?'


and sometimes we blame God for bad things that happened to us.


But know that everything happens for a reason


and that God's plan is to prosper us and not to harm us. (Jeremiah 29:11)


Men can never be trusted but we can always trust in God.


Sometimes when we feel that our lives are in such a mess and we feel like losers,


God wants you to know that you can cling onto Him.


You might not be soaring at this stage,


but just by clinging onto him, it's more than enough.


Dwell in His embrace and be drown in His love.


Cling onto Him till you are strong enough to stand up again.


Even if you fall again, God is there to stretch out his arms of love and pick you up.


That's our Abba Daddy. He is our loving Father.


So turn back to him,n tell Him how you feel; tell Him what you think of Him,


all that you blame Him for, all about life that you really hate, what your worries are...


just throw them all out to Him. Only just be honest with God


Because obviously, He is God,


just throw all your burden at Him and empty yourself,


n feel the weight on your shoulders disappear


because all the hatred, hurts, worries, bitterness are not yours to bear.


Jesus had already died for them on the cross so that we might be set free,


free from all these bondage and chains that bound us.


or when you feel like it's the end of the world, or when you're down in the pit,


just return to basics,


just turn back to God's arms,


return to His love.


He loves you precious.


Love others as you would love yourself.


Love God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and all your strength.


The love of God for you is your answer to all the things you're in.


God's love for you is very strong.


You can find rest in this love, and do not have to be so heavy laden,


for our Lord is the Prince of peace.


Jesus Himself slept through the storm in a boat, and He was calm,


for the Spirit of the Lord is in Him.


We too have the same Spirit in us,


and we too have every privileges as Jesus,


for we're the children of God.


It may sound ridiculous to rejoice in times of troubles,


but look at what Paul did when he was in prison...he was praising God!


It's only by God's grace and mercy that we're able


to worship Him when it's a rough time for us.


Nobody really knows or fully understands what we really are going through,


or how we really feel or think in our tough times,


but our Father in heaven knows...our every feeling and pain,


for He feels it too, and He knows your heart.


How He longs to embrace and love and comfort you.


Therefore run to Him.


"Hold My hand; do not let go!"


The bible is like a map to God's Kingdom.


Treasures n promises r all hidden in His words.


All is there n given to us.


see beyond the words


meditate on them


n trust God with the supernatural.


Just allow Him to work wonders


n make your life meaningful.


And many people stumble, never to climb up again


because they r leaning on their own strength n ability to sustain them.


Know that the Lord wants u to lean on Him as your pillar of strength,


to hold His hand n look up to Him


n not to sway to the right or to the left,


not letting Satan to pull u back,


but allow God to push u up,


allowing Him to take u to a higher level,


to soar with Him.


Live up to God's expectations, not men's.


Please Him n achieve n succeed for Him.


Give glory n praises to Him.


Live your life as a living testimony for God.


Be salt to the world.


Be light to those in darkness.


Be a history maker.


Make your life count for Christ.


Live a life that's worth living.


nobody knows when the world will come to its end.


Then, there would be no right and wrong,


because justice then will no longer exist.


Therefore the moment now,


n make full use of your time here.


do not let the evil one or anybody pull u down,


or influence your principle in what's right.


Stand firm on your beliefs.


Discern right from wrong, based on the Lord's wisdom.


do not go astray, but go back to your Creator.


Love Him as He 1st loved u.


do right n don't go against your conscience.


Hear the still,small voice in u


Know it's there n it's right.


but sometimes u doubt yourself.


have peace within your heart.


hold on to the things u believed r true


put your trust in Him.


be faithful.


for He's always faithful


n He'll never leave u.


Don't go through each day


without a sense of purpose.


Thank God for all that He had done for us.


It's because of His love that u n me get to live.


His death brought life.


Let's live for Him.


God is love.


He is always by your side.


Loving Him is all one can do to repay Him.


God sees us as His children, n like a father,


He expects nothing in return from His child.


Jesus treasures very much our relationships with Him.


He wants us so much, that He’s sad when we ignore Him.


Everyday He grieves for His people (whom He created),


when they turn their backs on Him.


Imagine how u feel when someone u love so much


turn his/her back on u.


He carried the sins of the world upon Himself on the cross,and


the Father had to turn His face away from Him.


Jesus sacrificed so much for us,


n what had we done for Him?


What can we do?


You can start a true n deep relationship with Him.


That’s what He longs so much for,


that’s what He treasures the most.


All the things we have on this earth are only of temporary value.


But everything we have with Christ is everlasting.


There’s a great difference between the two.


Drink from the well that never runs dry.


out there there is only


one God


one Truth, that lies beneath all mysteries


one road that leads us to eternity.


follow Jesus n u will see the truth


u will find your way eventually.


let Him guide you


let Him bring you


through the storms in your life


Across the oceans, across the skies,


there is only one true Kingdom,


one treasure that belongs to us.


live life meaningfully.


God is always there for you.


just call out His name


n He’ll come to your rescue.


open up your heart to the Lord


let Him in n be Lord over your life


be the salt of the world


make a difference


be a history maker


especially at this end times,


everything is so unpredictable


n nothing can be taken for granted.


so make full use of your time


use it for God


please Him with your life


naked we’ll go.


life has a purpose.


unless u walk in the plan


God has for u


u cannot find true fulfillment


or true happiness


He’s a God who knows what’s best for you.


if u would begin to discover His plan for you,


and start walking in it,


u would see things getting into place.


don’t stray away from the plan of God for u


for many blessings are awaiting u.


many promises r yet to come true in your life


so grasp hold


of the time you have, n use it wisely.


what pleases God most is we trust in Him.


O that our plan is His plan for us.


Stay strong in Him


by working together


n be faithful


willing to sacrifice


not thinking too highly of oneself


but be humble


n have the mind of Christ


there’s still hope in God


He’s always true to us


lean on Him in everything


He’s always there to lift us up


when we fall


This life on earth is hard n very complicated;


but if God were to hold your hand


through every moment in your life,


you’ll see everything in a different perspective.


Things will still be hard,n not smooth going,


but u would never feel lost again.


it’s like a child being guided by the father,


n feels so protected.


goto the Lord,


n u will find comfort there.


He’ll never let His children be forsaken.


The Lord will be with you always.


He is there when you need him and even those times when you are not calling out for Him.


God has never forgot you, not even for a single second.


You are always on His mind, always in His heart.


Your heavenly father is constantly thinking of your future, constantly seeking the best plan for you as you make decisions in life.


So have faith in God, so that you might see His mighty work.


Know that you matter greatly to God and He wants nothing less for you.


Renew your strength in the Lord, find rest in Him and let Him renew your mind as you wake up to a new day.


You will find life easier, as if someone is helping work things out even without you doing anything.


You would start to open your eyes to the little things in life that you have never noticed before.


God's presence must be with us every day if we want to live a glorious life.


Let Him dwell in your heart and His peace be you peace.


the Lord is with you always.


in whatever that you do, make sure that it is the Lord's will


and you shall see His blessings and favour upon you.


For His plans are always perfect and flawless.


seek His guidance and let Him lead you through this life.


Hold His hand and He will never let you go.


God needs our permission to come into our hearts and lives,


He is there knocking but where are we to greet Him?


Hear His still small voice and the Holy Spirit that is constantly counseling us.


Jesus became wisdom for us, and we are made righteous through Him.


so walk with the confidence of God and His anointing that is on you.


Raise up in faith and step out of your comfort zone.


For the time is near, where many shall be deceived.


Treasure every second that God has given you, to serve and please Him solely.


For we are created to communicate with God and to please Him.


Pray unceasingly.


Continue to love God and be filled with His love.


Let His love in you overflow to others.


The Lord loves you and you are precious to Him.


As u seek His heart, as u obey His voice in u,


u will abide in His love n be one with Him.


Your cries n tears will be heard


n His presence will lead u.


You shall pray with confidence


knowing the Father hears.


God always has eternity in mind.


Submit in prayer to His will.


Let Him change u as u pray.


In spite of the darkness n hopelessness


know that God is still in your midst.


He is the one who holds your future.


As u begin to discover n walk in His plan,


u will begin to see things coming together.


Many blessings are still awaiting u.


many promises are yet to come true.


what pleases the Lord the most is u trust in Him.


Hold My hand


Don’t let go!


there’s still hope in God


He’s always true to us


lean on Him in everything


He’s always there to lift us up


when we fall




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A journey to freedom from hell


Journey to freedom from bondages,


freedom to fly into eternity;


that is the feeling of true freedom,


where no sin nor corruption nor death can hold u,


free to fly as free as the birds fly, as free as the grass grows.

Addiction is slavery. You are a slave to whatever masters you.
Whenever you sin, you are a slave to sin.

Are we addicted to the things of the flesh? like what?
Works of the flesh are in Galatians 5:19 :
"adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lewdness, idolatry, outbursts of anger, selfish ambitions, dissensions, envy, drunkenness, revelries.."
Love of riches n glamour or beauty or fame is also idolatry.
Uncontrolled anger is also addiction. Are u controlled by anger?
Eating n drinking n fun n excitement can also be addiction.

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as free as the wind blows


If you "cut" yourself, you are a slave to "cutting".
Because of pride n bitternes, you "cut" yourself.
If you commit adultery, like many famous pop singers n sports persons did, then like many others you are slave to adultery.
Sin is very powerful.
Addiction is very hard to break.
And a slave is powerless against his master.
He needs a Saviour who is more powerful than his current master...
"No man can enter a strong man's house n plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man. And then he will plunder his house." (Mark 3:27)
"When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own palace, his goods are in peace. But when a stronger than he comes upon him n overcomes him, he takes from him all his armor in which he trusted, n divides his spoils." (Luke 11:21)
"When an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he goes through dry places, seeking rest; n finding none, he says, "I will return to my house from which I came. Then he goes n takes with him 7 other spirits more wicked than himself, n they enter n dwell there; n the last state of that man is worse than the first." (Luke 11:24)
"Babylon the great is fallen, n has become a dwelling place of demons, a prison for every foul spirit, n a cage for every unclean n hated bird." (Revelation 18:2)

as we come face to face with the need of the day
when things so burdened n grey
when there seems many waters to cross in the way
and many more difficult days to face
but friend, listen to me say
for at Peniel, Jacob saw God face to face (Genesis 32:30)
was broken by Him at that place
It is the lame that takes the prey (Isaiah 33:23)
able to take the enemy's forces coming your way
because now u depend upon His grace

as u yield day by day to His embrace
His power is with u to prevail
n astonishes u day to day
as the Spirit lays hold n leads u the way
n pressing on manifesting in us His glorious ray
n greater works we shall do in the coming days
n with His grace come a new day.

no more to cutting n feeling a disgrace
no more unable to forgive others n thyself
having found a new born self
having found Him face to face
with His grcae to start a new day.
It is to those who have seen the face of God
n been broken by Him that they can meet
the forces of the enemy n breakdown
the strongholds of the kingdom of darkness.
When we see nothing good in us,
n our old selfs crucified upon that rugged cross,
that we are broken to be changed n transformed,
n to come forth to life of dependence upon His grace
to a life of power, to become a prince with God
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addiction to drugs


"I attempted 2 suicide attempts.
I was born an addict, I am an addict and I will die a addict.I lost my daughter.
Heroin and Cocaine addict for the better part of 24 years, 22 of which I administered by needles.
I understand addiction.
I understand feeling all alone, incapable of stopping when all you do is promise yourself this is the last one.
I understand being completely alone, with a hole in your heart,
no friends, no family, just drug dealers, thieves and Crack addicts.
I understand the shame of sneaking out at night to pick up cigarette buts and pray it didn’t rain
or feeling dirty from just finding out you have Hep C,
and your best weapon was to make sure you had crack on you
because if you could trade that for a beating, clothing, rape or even your life.
when drugs worked for me,
I felt I had purpose, dreams, faith, goals, health, confidence,
hobbies, travel, always fearless, always happy.
That is, and was my denial.
They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting the same result.
Addiction is no doubt a disease of
Right here right now, if I thought I could sneak something into me and a guarantee of no consequences,
i would be so high I could see Heaven.
I love dope, I love getting high, I love being numb, I love the rush,
I am a 40 second rush girl.
I love chocolate eclairs,
if there is 1 or 12 I will eat whatever is there because I like them.
There was just not enough of anything, if I liked it.
They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting the same result. "
by Kimberly


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