I suppose women like Mary are emotional beings, where hormones get the better of the mind.
When you get so carried away, like it is out of control, eating n sleeping,
when it means the whole world to you, you give your all, like the widow with the 2 coins.
Man's love can fail you, but not the faithful agape love of the Abba Father.

God knows u n can see u through.
The feelings u have, people might not understand.
Sometimes u find it confusing yourself...
the way u feel.
But know that God understands.
He might not be able to help in a human form,
but He can send good people or angels to u
n make miracles happen in your life.
All these will happen if u believe.
God knows your heart, thoughts, everything.
so open up n give yourself a chance
to feel that u r loved n accepted...
the feeling u know u will never be forsaken
or rejected or left behind...
the pure love that everyone desires to experience
But it will not be an overnight thing.
but as u walk with the Lord daily,
n make Him part of your life,
u will see the difference.
Only trust n believe,
through faith.

Keep up your faith in the Lord.
Renew your strength in the Lord.
The Lord is always watching over you.
He will never leave you nor forsake you.

Everything in the bible can only come to pass if you believe.
Everything that’s about Christ is true and real.
Turn to Him in times of troubles, and when you’re down,
For His grace and mercy are new every morning.

Seek Him for wisdom and for guidance.
Do not lean on your own strength or turn to men,
For they’ll disappoint you.

The world out there is evil and will turn its back against you.
Run into the arms of God, your Abba Father.
Listen to Him and be comforted,
for the Lord is merciful and kind.”

"Trust in the Lord w all your heart, n lean not on thy own understanding,
but in all your ways, acknowledge Him, n He will make straight thy path.
Be not wise in thy own eyes, but have a godly fear.
It will be healing to your flesh n refreshment to your bones" (Proverbs 3:5-8)
Trust in your God.
That means, pace your whole life in His hands.
Let Him know you acknowledge Him over your life,
all minor and major decisions; let Him be involved, be part of the picture.
God car
es for you more than you can ever imagine.
He loves you more than an Earthly father can ever love His child.
Before the heavens and the Earth were formed,
the plan to send God’s only begotten son was already in place.
God has chosen you even before u ever existed, n He already has a future installed for you,
a plan that’s perfect and good for you.
He had first found you and loved you even when you did not know Him.
Yes, He knows that men would fall, that we are weak in spirit yet He chose to accept us as His own.
He has placed the burden of sin upon His shoulders, sins of our forefathers, of us and the future generation.
It is finished, completed and done. There is no more need to strive.
The world says ‘slave’ but God says ‘son’. The people say ‘religion’ but He says ‘Jesus’.
There is a constant battle between tradition and change, between the real truth and perceived truth.
Ask yourself, who is Jesus?
We know from the Bible that in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God.
The Word was with God and the Word became flesh.
So Jesus is the Word, the Truth and the Grace for the world.
You are set free when you know the Truth. So get to know God. God is Truth n Life.
Ask questions like who is God? Who is He to me? Is He real in my life?
Do I live my life as if God is alive and real?
Or am I burying Him in my closet and just opening the door whenever I need Him?
Or is He an answer machine to man, or a banker perhaps, or just a miracle worker?
It is true that He is all of the above but most importantly, He is the Lord in your life.
Jesus left us with 2 commandments, to love God and others.
So anyone is liar if he says that he loves God yet hates his brother.
Look at the cross; only when we start loving the people around us (horizontally),
and then can we have a relationship with God (vertically).
Though God has given us a free choice in life, yet He knows that one day we would go back to Him to seek help.
We are like lost sheep without God’s voice guiding us in our lives. So turn back to Him.
The answer that you are seeking can always be found in His word.
A same verse can be read twice yet carry a different meaning each time.
Start your quiet time by worshipping Him because it is what that pleases God.
Look at Abraham.. the first time that the word ‘worship’ was mentioned
was when Abraham went up the mountains to sacrifice Isaac.
Abraham called that act worship. He knew that God would somehow work a way to spare Issac’s life,
either by stopping Abraham from killing his son or by giving him another son or some other way.
Abraham knew who God was, n that God would not ask something that was against His nature of love and kindness.
That was why it was written that Abraham told his servants that ‘we’ (Abraham and Isaac) would return after the sacrifice even though he knew nothing of God’s plan.
This is how we should live our lives, to question God less and to obey Him more.
If we trust in someone completely, we would do anything that the person would ask for without a second thought.
The same way it should be with God. That is worship.

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